How to Have the Flu in Two Cultures

  American Middle Eastern
a friend tells you that they are sick, you say “I’m sorry” “that’s good, a person should get sick now and then, it helps them to be a better person”
when a friend has the flu, you should check if they are taking vitamin C, getting enough sleep, using inhalers, taking relevant over-the counter medicine praying regularly
when the flu lasts a few days, you should remind friend to use hand sanitizer, cough into their elbow, drink green tea and hot lemon tea, eat ginger/  ginseng/  garlic/  echinacea/  wheatgrass eat Chinese soup that is so spicy they sweat through your clothes and then walk a few miles
a friend is sick at home, you should… call to see if you should visit, at what time and what you could bring with you show up unannounced between 9 and 11pm with nothing
food to give a sick person chicken soup, fruit meat and rice, baklava
‘magic bullet’ flu vaccine honey
when your friend has had a flu for 4 weeks and has not seen a doctor yet, you say “That’s ridiculous, go see a doctor!” or “Oh, don’t you have insurance?” “Yes, stay away from doctors.”
when conventional medicine is not working  star anise, acai berries, homeopathic medicine assume you have been cursed and find someone to lift/ counteract it
the cost of 2 bottles of cough syrup, ear drops, sore throat lozenges, anti-biotics, cold and flu sachets to add to hot water is… more than $50


less than $20