Sharing Good Advice

Good advice

  • Settle all irreconcilable differences with rock, paper, scissors

Advice from Grandmama

  • Dress for your job
  • Buy gold jewelry if you can
  • Go to bed mad if you want to
  • Pick your time to talk, compliment or complain – make sure the person has the brain-space to listen so they can really concentrate when you tell them what a twit-faced troll they are
  • Get up every morning doing what you love, or doing something that will get you to the place where you are doing what you love
  • Never look in a hotel mirror after a long flight

Advice from Brits

  • If you are too drunk to get to the bar to order and pay for a drink or you don’t have friends who will bring you drinks, then you can’t drink
  • Keep relentless good cheer and fake stiff upper lip in the face of train delays, rain, boring people and other misfortunes of life

Advice from ‘It Wasn’t Me’ Shaggy

  • Deny your tomcat ways, even if the accuser has video

Advice from ‘Messing Around’ Pitbull

  • Be clear about your tomcat ways so people can enjoy or avoid you as necessary

Advice from a CEO

  • When you are in a management position, no one wants to hear you speak; corollary: anyone who smiles widely when they see you is faking it
  • Don’t use the term “invite: – say “attendance mandatory”
  • Don’t pay for a ‘team dinner’ (especially not on a weekend night at a restaurant) – no one wants to socialize outside of work
  • For work celebrations put pastries, fresh fruit, drinks, hang a sign that says, “well done” and give bonuses

Advice from Ancient Greeks

  • Revenge happens
  • Karma happens – being unfair will backfire in unexpected hideous ways