Behaving well in the time of the virus

Darling, there are three basic rules:

1) Believe health experts (who are all saying “stay home” unless you have a job that will help save lives, so stay home)

2) Help others if you can, ask for help if you need it – let’s review: How to Behave (and Survive) in a Natural Disaster

3) Do not make life worse for any other person:

don’t spread rumors

don’t horde (look at every story ever written about hoarders, aka dragons. They amass a lot of goodies and then someone puny and unsuitable comes and takes it all away.)

take all that nervous energy out on your living quarters, not other people. Do your spring cleaning, re-decorate, re-grout, sort your books and your clothes (don’t paint, you want to keep your lungs healthy as possible but go wild with the WATERCOLORS, let kids paint a wall of no importance, like in the laundry room)

Get busy with your ‘hands’ project – How To Be Happier: Hands, Colors, No Words, No Screens

do minor repairs – How to Have Helpful Help – Part 3: Do It Yourself

do not write a list of resolutions – What to do Instead of Writing a List of New Year’s Resolutions

be kind – The Importance of Everyone

remember cultural differences – How to Have the Flu in Two Cultures