Travel Quotes to Make You Want to Stay Home

Darling, what more can I do for you than to make you more comfortable while you stay at home for the 58, 294th day? So pour yourself a complicated cocktail and read your way into calm delight that you will not be looking at a suitcase for the next 14 decades.

I cannot help looking with partial eyes on my native land. That partiality was certainly given us by nature, to prevent rambling, the effect of an ambitious thirst after knowledge, which we are not formed to enjoy. All we get by it, is a fruitless desire of mixing the different pleasures and conveniences which are given to the different parts of the world, and cannot meet in any of them. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Is there anything as horrible as starting on a trip? Once you’re off, that’s all right, but the last moments are earthquake and convulsion, and the feeling that you are a snail being pulled off your rock. Anne Morrow Lindbergh

I have recently been all round the world and have formed a poor opinion of it. Sir Thomas Beecham

Generally speaking, the length and grandness of a hotel’s name are an exact opposite reflection of its quality. Thus the hotel Central will prove to be a clean, pleasant place in a good part of town, and the Hotel Royal Majestic-Fantastic will be a fleabag next to a topless bowling alley. Miss Piggy

If the reader thinks he is done, now, and that this book has no moral to it, he is in error. The moral of it is this: If you are of any account, stay at home and make your way by faithful diligence; but if you are “no account,” go away from home, and then you will have to work, whether you want to or not. Thus you become a blessing to your friends by ceasing to be a nuisance to them–if the people you go among suffer by the operation. Mark Twain

Moving bits of matter from one point of the world’s surface to another–man’s whole activity. And the wisdom of the east, I reflected, consists in the affirmation that it is better to leave the bits of matter where they are. Up to a point, no doubt, the sages of the East are right. Aldous Huxley

Companions: if you’re traveling alone, beware of seatmates who by way of starting conversation make remarks like, ‘I just have to talk to someone-my teeth are spying on me’ or ‘Did you know that squirrels are the devil’s oven mitts?’ Miss Piggy

It is easier to find a travelling companion than to get rid of one. Peg Bracken

Never trust anything you read in a travel article. Travel articles appear in publications that sell large, expensive advertisements to tourism-related industries, and these industries do not wish to see articles with headlines like: URUGUAY: DON’T BOTHER. Dave Barry

There was a road ran past our house

Too lovely to explore.

I asked my mother once – she said

That if you followed where it led

It brought you to the milk-man’s door.

(That’s why I haven’t traveled more.)

Edna St. Vincent Millay,”The Unexplorer”

The faster and more widely we travel, the more we begin to doubt the value of travel itself, to suspect that the things we most admire are best appreciated and preserved through fixity rather than movement. Ian Ousby

Certain countries, no matter how frequently visited, seem unreal. Such was America before de Tocqueville and such is Persia today–the Persia of Chardin and Montesquieu that now goes by the name Iran. What these countries have in common (besides remoteness) is their vagueness, one that ends by confounding all that would write about them. Robin Magowan

Ay, now I am in Arden; the more fool I. When I was at home I was in a better place; but travellers must be content. Shakespeare

And if you INSIST on going someplace…

He that would make his travels delightful must first make himself delightful. Seneca

I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train. Oscar Wilde

I am so convinced of the advantages of looking at mankind instead of reading about them, and of the bitter effects of staying at home with all the narrow prejudices of an Islander, that I think there should be a law amongst us to set our young men abroad for a term among the few allies our wars have left us. Lord Byron

my heart is warm with the friends I make

and better friends I’ll not be knowimng

yet there isn’t a train I wouldn’t take

no matter where it’s going

Edna St. Vincent Millay, “Travel”

Travel is the most private of pleasures. There is no greater bore than the travel bore. We do not want to hear what he has seen in Hong Kong. Vita Sackville-West

You have brains in your head.

You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself

any direction you choose.

Dr. Seuss

Every man’s religion is good. There is none of it bad. We are all trying to arrive at the same place according to our own conscience and teachings. It don’t matter which road you take. Will Rodgers

Ah, what is more blessed than to put cares away, when the mind lays by its burden, and tired with labor of far travel we have come to our own home and rest on the couch we have longed for? This it is which alone is worth all these toils. Catullus

Women have always yearned for faraway places. It was no accident that a woman financed the first package tour of the New World, and you can bet Isabella would have taken the trip herself, only Ferdinand wouldn’t let her go. Roslyn Friedman

Somewhere between Calabria and Corfu the blue really begins… Other countries may offer you discoveries in manners or lore or landscape; Greece offers you something harder–the discovery of yourself. Lawrence Durrell



And the roadsign points: Left to Indianapolis

Right to Brazil

Now there’s some choice.

Ursula LeGuin – “Place Names”