What to Do with Good News: Stop or Go

How lovely! You have good news! One of those moments when the heavens open and drop a marvelous surprise or a long-awaited and hard-fought victory at your feet – this requires one of two reactions: STOP or GO.

Some good news requires you to stop. No, don’t reach for the phone to share the news. Don’t think of what the next step is. Don’t think. STOP. RIGHT NOW. STOP. Do not plan the next goal or who you will tell first or anything. Breath in, breath out. You did it. Maybe you will feel the physical reaction, maybe you won’t. But don’t move – stop. You made it. You got it – you got rid of it – you are in – you are out – you are done – you won. Stop and let this moment be without rushing to whatever is next.

Other good news requires you to go – to use the positivity as a force-multiplier to slingshot you on to further victories. Or use this as a juggernaut to crush fear and opposition.

True story – I once has a most abysmal boss who was always at his worst when year-end reports were due. Even on good days, he was a bully but he morphed into pure evil at the end of year because he didn’t understand the reports (or the data behind them) so when they were due, he yelled, postured, blustered and made life difficult for everyone, especially your tender, delicate, blameless auntie.

So sensitive and fragile auntie shows up at work on the day that the reports are due, to find out that boss will be out of the office for three days. Joy unbounded. Delight abundant.

So auntie dearest works very hard, then leaves early. I drive to store to check if long-out-of-stocks treats were in – they were IN! I bought 26. Then on to pharmacy to see if long-out-of-stock medicine was in – it WAS! I bought 4. Then I told X that I had done Y, which I had been putting off and updated Z on situation which I had to do but knew would evoke a snarky response.

It’s hard to get momentum from nothing, self-starting is all well and good in the self-help books, but more grueling in real life, that’s where a burst of positivity can be used to get you out to do the thing you are putting off (or dread).

Leap tall hurdles in a single bound with that encouraging energy then curl up in a chair and smirk like a cat. Celebrate in whatever fashion works for you – candles, champagne, a new vinyl record or bathmat. Cherish your triumph and hold on to that conquest, you lovely, amazing person you!