How Etiquette Central Can Illuminate Your Life

Darling, we are Etiquette Central because we do everything, absolutely everything – travel, books, manners, skin-care, art appreciation, food… it’s all here! How to fight your boss, decorate your abode, deal with trolls and enjoy lovely cuticles (almond oil)! Look no further!

why travel: The Purpose of Vacations

where to go: How to Deal with Zurich and The Seychelles

where not to go to: Do Not Travel to the UK – Read! – Instructions for Happiness

how to get ready: How to Pack for a Trip

what to bring with you: Carry an Artichoke, Blend In and Look Bland: Tips for Traveling Well (and a PSA for Halloween Costumes)

how to find a good cafe: How to Travel: Cafe Hunting

what to eat when you travel: Surviving Northern European Cafes, or What to Have For Breakfast

how to eat in the ME: Getting Food in the Middle East

what to read: How to Be Well Read and Fairy Tales for Quarantine; The Coppersmith’s Daughter, part 1

manners: Etiquette Central and the Conundrums of the Universe (or: How to Acquire a Ridiculous Amount of Precious Jewels Though Etiquette Acumen) and  The Golden Rule and the Chi of Etiquette (or Why Etiquette Central Does Not Accept Questions)

appreciate your skills: Winning Gold in Non-Olympic Sports: Seagulls and Shopping

appreciate art: The Joy of Alma-Tadema

appreciate perfume: Perfume, Fairy Tales and Survival: Why Smelling Good Means Behaving Well and Decimating Enemies

win at your job: Managing by Machiavellian Cookies: The Secret to Corporate Success

deal with trolls: Staying Strong in the Face of Lying, Smiling, Gout-nosed Trolls

decorate your abode: How to Decorate

Your looks – Darling, taste is so individual, there is no one brand I recommend. Wash your face, brush your teeth, don’t scare small children, find your own pundit and remember, you may only recommend to others if they have the same (or better) spending and free-time situation as you. No gushing about Fresh or Kiehl’s unless the person has enough disposable income to afford it or you are in the process of handing over a large gift basket. No burbling about Givenchy or Guerlain unless the person has the time for the 16 step skin-care routine. [see also: How to Dress (for women) ]

Food – We don’t talk about food (and WE DO NOT FOOD SHAME) for much of the same reasons we don’t recommend which blusher to use. Food is individual and sometimes food is connected to finances/ choices, such as those who eat tuna fish sandwiches every day to save money for their Sikkimese classes. [see also: What You Need to Eat Right Now: A Mendiant (or a Florentine) and  How to Choose the Right Dessert ]

HOWEVER, we must alert you to the Etiquette Central INVIOLATE RULE OF FEEDING OTHERS (young children are exempt, much to their dismay), also known as the K-HC-W edict. If you are feeding adults in a situation where you control the food supply (e.g. you invite them to dinner) you must either serve something you Know the person will like, give an Honest Choice of more than one item or Warn the person. In practice: “Some lovely pig’s feet for you, I know how much you like them”; “Would you like some pig’s feet or baklava?”; “Please come for dinner tomorrow, I will serve you pigs feet and only pigs’ feet.” “Honest choice” (for you in the back) does not mean “this captivating vegan mushroom souffle with or without enchanting powdered cattails” but “this captivating vegan mushroom souffle or this amiable salad with pears, cranberries and hazelnuts.”

And remember, there are many charming experts who can improve your life in so many ways:

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