The Meaning of the Queen of England’s Purse – in memoriam

in memoriam

Why does the Queen of England carry a purse with her everywhere? Trolls, as usual, have lots of snarky things to say but they are wrong (and should leave snark to the professionals like moi). Perhaps even a non-troll might have doubts about this, but this is due to Lack of Sufficient Thinking.

She is not, let us be clear, carrying a purse for HER sake. She knows, we know she knows and she knows that we know that she knows that she has countess assistants, ladies-in-waiting, servants and helper to carry all the sundries. She snaps her fingers and countless lorries, dump-trucks, semis and ocean freighters would appear to carry whatever she wants carried: diamonds, lace handkerchiefs, palaces or three dozen corgis.

The purse is for us. Not HRH. That purse speaks volumes. On behalf of the queen it says: I have 22 personal staff but I will not bother them for something as minor as a tissue or lipstick; THE BURDEN OF TAKING CARE OF MYSELF FALLS ON MY OWN SHOULDERS (or wrist).

The purse (discreetly) yells – I, the queen, am responsible for myself. This is why we all love her. This is why we esteem her and all want to emulate her self-control and professionalism.

She could easily forgo it, give herself a lean silhouette and call for minions when she needs a hand mirror. But she doesn’t. She picks up that purse and she goes to work – toting it here, there and everywhere to show that she is not handing over her little packet of breath mints to random bodyguards – they have their job, she has hers. She carries what she needs. She accepts that burden. What a paragon of virtue. What a role-model for everyone.

And before you open your mouth to snark – think carefully. Do you carry what you need? Are you shouldering your responsibilities without complaint? Or are you constantly bothering members of the household or co-workers for things because you are not organized? Hmmm?

Look at this photo. Do you think this 94 year old woman had nothing else to do, nothing she would rather be doing than getting up and looking suitable and standing in reverence?

This photo encompasses everyone a person needs to know: get up – look appropriate – do what needs to be done – be self-sufficient – respect others.

Yes, she has tiaras but more importantly, she has an indomitable will and a matching purse. Respect her and emulate her and thou shalt never go wrongly.

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