Crisis Averted – Peppermint Candy Canes Have Arrived

Santa got on the phone to central marketing and… peppermint candy canes are arrived in one of the stores (along with kale-flavored candy canes and pickle-flavored candy canes… some people need to be slapped but since it is the merry season we shall simply not cast our eyes on such abominations). And the other store decided to behave and has procured Lindt chocolate bears with red ribbons. Peace in the Valley indeed!

And to make sure we are not without something to complain about… IKEA! I can just imagine the discussions at the factory:

Sven, how is it going making the small Christmas trees?

Going well, Svea, I decided to put them in a black plastic form within a black plastic pot to remind people that death is inevitable.

And Kjell, how are you doing with the Christmas lights?

Kajsa and I came up with a great idea, we will use three different types of screws and require three different sizes of batteries for three almost identical products, to keep our customers busy!

Super! Evalen and Evert, what’s the news on gingerbread houses?

We did a great job of underestimating the demand so we are sold out of all gingerbread houses like last year!

Excellent! What wonderfully clever elves!

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