Time for a Fairy Tale and a Romance

“Year at the Spring” by Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Darling, if you live in the Middle East long enough, you will eventually decide that you must write a fairy tale. Something in the air evokes days of yore.


And then, of course, I had to do a romance but large, multi-national companies built on the principle of giving solid and beneficial financial advice are rather averse to flights of fancy from upper management. ‘Tis true ‘tis pity, and pity tis, ’tis true that whimsical stories from people who are supposed to live and die by figures on a spreadsheet at an august firm are discouraged. Hence I had to change my protagonist to an academic rather than mining my (many incriminating) stories from work. And of course Darling, the clothes described are nothing like mine. Mine are better.


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