Corona/ Quarantine

What Covid Changed

How to Behave Well in a Quarantine

How to Quarantine in a Small Apartment

How To Decorate (as we are all stuck at home anyways we might as well beautify)

Happy Reading for the Unhappy Time of Virus

Darling, You Need A Smoothie, a Mummy (or Monster Hunter) Movie and a Heavy-Duty Euphoria Scent

Surviving Quarantine – The Lessons of Negative Daydreams and Pretending Not to do Chores

Surviving Corona with a Sharp Knife, Fake Juice, Good Books and John Lennon

Time, Happiness, Getting Things Done & Corona; or, Why It’s Hard to Find Peace in the Midst of Difficulties (e.g, hey WordPress, I HATE YOUR NEW EDITING SYSTEM)

Reverse Psychology: Enjoy your Quarantine Because You Don’t Really Want to Travel

Reverse Psychology 2: Enjoy your Quarantine Because You Really Do NOT Want to Travel (to Maine and get eaten by bobcats after having cold oatmeal for breakfast)

Reverse Psychology 3: Loving Quarantine Because You are Safe from the Tall, Happy, Fussy People of Sweden

Yes, the World Is Still a Disaster, so Let’s Play Ostrich and Talk about the Maldives

How to Survive Quarantine by Thinking about Places That are Worse than Your Small Apartment; aka: Let’s Talk about Vermont